How to Calculate LP Rewards

3 min readApr 30, 2021
That’s green, Jerry! Green!

Sometimes the Profit page is down, and sometimes you want to just double-check the math. Whatever your reason, here’s how to manually calculate your profit, both in terms of dollars, and LP holdings accumulated.

  1. Find your staked LP quantity and value staked from the Farms page.
2.3163, in this case.

2. Visit the Pickle.Finance GitHub page.

3. Scroll down to the Pickle Jars (pJars) section.

4. Find the Pickle Jar that you are now staked in. In the above example, pSUSHIALCX.

5. Click the link to view that Pickle Jar’s contract on Etherscan.

6. Click on the “Contract” tab, and then “Read Contract”.

7. Scroll down to “7. getRatio” and click on it. It will expand.

8. Click the hyperlinked uint256 value.

9. This opens the unit converter page. Scroll down until you find this value converted to 1 Ether.

10. This number (ETH ratio) can now be multiplied by your original staked LP balance. Don’t worry about hitting every decimal place.

2.3163 (Original LP Quantity) × 1.01017584 (ETH Ratio)= 2.33987. This is your current LP token quantity.

11. Now, let’s use Zerion to find our current LP value. In this example I’ve searched and chosen the Sushi ETH/ALCX pool. Currently, the LP value is $3,961.97.

12. Now take your current LP token quantity (2.33987) and multiply it by your current LP value ($3,961.97). This gives us $9,270.49, our current value staked.

13. Now to determine what our actual profit from entry was, subtract your original LP quantity from your current LP quantity and multiply it by the current LP value.

(2.339872.3163) × $3,961.97 = 93.78

$93.78 is our profit in auto-compounded LP rewards! This doesn’t include Pickle Rewards, which are displayed as the “Earned” number on the farms page.

Mmm. Juicy.